What is bush?

Hawthorn, a compact, deciduous tree, grows as either a shrub or a tree, to 15 feet, its trunk or stems have hard wood, smooth and ash-gray bark, and thorny branches. The small, shiny leaves are dark green on top, light bluish-green underneath, and have 3 irregularly toothed lobes. The frail white flowers, known as "may", have 5 round petals and grow in terminal corymbs, spreading clusters, during May and June. In some varieties the blossoms may be pink or deep red. The fruit, or haw, is 2-3 seeded, egg-shaped, freshly pome, scarlet on the outside, yellowish and pulpy on the inside. The berries or fruit hang in small bunches from the thorny shrub, each berry has 1-5 seeds. Berries remain on the tree after the leaves fall off in autumn. Beware of the sharp thorns when harvesting hawthorn, eye scratches from thorns can cause blindness.

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Gum Bush
Yerba santa is an evergreen shrub, it is somewhat branching and grows to a height of 2-4 feet. The stems are smooth and exude a gummy substance. Leaves are 3-4 inches long, distinctively woolly on the undersides, containing a network of prominent veins, and the resinous substance appears as if the woolly fibers have been varnished, upper surface is smooth with depressed veins. The flowers are terminal, appearing in shades of dark lavender to pale shades of lavender to white, forming funnel-shaped clusters at the top of the plant. The honey is amber, with a slightly spicy flavor. Bees love this plant. The capsule fruit is oval, grayish-brown and contains small brown shriveled seeds.

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Bush tree
Boxwood is a small, broadleafed, evergreen tree or shrub, may grow 3 to 4 feet high, it is heavily branched, with angular or winged, slightly hairy twigs. The leaves, 1-1 1/2 inches long, are opposite, leathery, simple, oval to oblong-lanceolate, dark green above and pale beneath. The pale yellow flowers grow in axillary clusters, and the fruit is a globular capsule containing 6 glossy black seeds. Full sun, partial shade in warm climates. Zones 4-8. Other varieties: dwarf variety (B. suffruticosa), B. microphylla var. koreana, Green Gem, Kingsville Dwarf, Winter Beauty.

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Burning Bush
Wahoo is a deciduous shrub or small tree that grows up to 25 feet high. The bark is gray and its smooth, somewhat quadrangular branches bear opposite, elliptic, pointed leaves that are finely serrate and fine-haired underneath. Axillary cymes of 7 or more purple flowers appear during June. The fruit develops in October and is a scarlet, four-lobed capsule containing brown seeds with scarlet arils. Its most striking appearance is presented in winter, when its pale purple fruits have burst open and been exposed by the fallen leaves, all against a backdrop of glaring snow. It is this appearance which has earned it the nickname of burning bush. Wahoo can be recognized by the unusual structure of its fruit after the leaves drop in the autumn. For medicinal use, the bark should be gathered in the fall. The fruits may be attractive but they are considered poisonous and should not be used.

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Sweet Bush Sweet Clover
Sweet fern is a strongly aromatic, fernlike deciduous shrub, its slender, reddish-brown branches grow up to 5 feet high and bear alternate, short-petioled, linear-oblong leaves that are deeply pinnatifid with lobes that are broader than they are long. The leaves are soft-hairy, lance shaped, 3-6 inches long with prominent rounded teeth. Male flowers grow in cylindrical catkins, female in egg-shaped catkins that develop into clusters of brown, shining, ovoid, burrlike, nutlets.

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Pepperidge bush
Barberry is a densely branched, deciduous shrub 3-8 feet tall, with many tripartite spines on the yellowish branches, the root is yellow on the outside and its bark has a bitter taste. The stems, growing from 3-8 feet high, are reddish when young but turn dirty gray when older. The leaves are obovate to oval and have a soft, bristly point, grow crowded together on short shoots. The small, yellow flowers, 10-20 per raceme, appear from April to June and hang from the branches in clusters. Petals are not notched. The flowers are followed by bright red, oblong berries 1/2 inch long grow in copious clusters, ripening in August and September, have an agreeable acid taste and should be eaten only when ripe. Another variety: Amur barberry (Berberidis amerenis)

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Hartshorn bush
Buckhorn brake is a perennial plant, the large, scaly rootstock is covered with matted fibers and often rises like a trunk up to a foot out of the ground. The pale green, bipinnate fronds have brown stalks and are ovate in outline, the oblong-elliptic pinnules are finely toothed. Sterile fronds are leafy only: fertile ones are topped by a tripinnate panicle of fertile pinnae which turn brownish in maturity and bear green spores. The fruiting axis bears black hairs. Fruiting time is from April to June. Another variety: Cinnamon-colored fern or Cinnamon fern (O. cinnamomea) is a native North American fern which grows from Newfoundland to Minnesota and Florida, and west to New Mexico, from Mexico into South America, and also in Asia. Its pinnate sterile fronds, lanceolate to oblong-lanceolate in outline, grow on the outside, reaching 2-5 feet in height. The bipinnate fertile fronds, 1-3 feet high, grow in the center, their pinnae contracted and bearing cinnamon-brown spore cases. This fern can be used like buckhorn brake, although it is said to be less effective. It can be boiled in milk to produce mucilage which is helpful for diarrhea.

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Fever bush
Black alder (A. glutinosa) is a deciduous tree up to 80 feet high, the alternate leaves are round-obovate, usually doubly serrate, scalloped, and have a tuft of down on the underside. The flowers are segregated by sex into separate catkins, the reddish-purple female ones developing into hard cones that contain the seeds. 2-8 catkins will occur in a cluster on a forked peduncle. Red alder (A. rubra) grows as a shrub or tree. It has elliptic-ovate leaves that are dark green on top and rusty-haired underneath. Found in evergreen and redwood forests from Northern California to Alaska. Uses and dosage is the same as A. glutinosa. Smooth alder (A. serrulata) sometimes called the Hazel alder, is a shrub or tree with blackish bark that is lightly speckled with small, grayish to orange lenticels. Its leaves are elliptic to obovate, finely serrate and usually fine-haired underneath. It can be found from Nova Scotia to Oklahoma, Florida, and Louisiana. Medicinally used the same as black alder.

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Fern Bush Fern Gale Ferula
Sweet fern is a strongly aromatic, fernlike deciduous shrub, its slender, reddish-brown branches grow up to 5 feet high and bear alternate, short-petioled, linear-oblong leaves that are deeply pinnatifid with lobes that are broader than they are long. The leaves are soft-hairy, lance shaped, 3-6 inches long with prominent rounded teeth. Male flowers grow in cylindrical catkins, female in egg-shaped catkins that develop into clusters of brown, shining, ovoid, burrlike, nutlets.

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Bayberry bush
Coarse, stiff, shrub or small, slender, tree, to 3-8 feet. Bark is brownish-gray and smooth, leaves narrow at the base. Young branchlets waxy. Leaves oblong to lance-shaped, 1-4 inches long, reduced at the tip of the branches, often sparingly toothed, dark green and shiny above, paler and sometimes hairy beneath, leathery, evergreen, with waxy globules. Flowers appear in early spring, March and April, before or with the new leaves. Fruits, borne against the stems, 1/8 inch across. The green berries are covered, when mature, with a pale blue, lavender or grayish-white aromatic wax in microscopic rounded particles used in making candles which burn with a pleasing fragrance. Bayberry needs lime free soil.

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PCA Alien Plant Working Group - Exotic Bush Honeysuckles (Lonicera ...
Sep 1, 2009 ... Exotic bush honeysuckles are upright, generally deciduous shrubs that range from 6 to 15 feet in height. The 1-2 ½ inch, egg-shaped leaves ...

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