What is Divorce?

Divorce is the legal breakup of a marriage. Almost half of all U.S. marriages end in divorce. Like every major life change, divorce is stressful. It affects finances, living arrangements, household jobs, schedules and more. If the family includes children, they may be deeply affected.

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Also known as Divorced, Separated, Separation, Divorces, Separations
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Marriage and Divorce - U.S. Census Bureau

Nov 17, 2010 ... Marriage and Divorce. Skip top of page navigation. Census.gov › People and Households › Marriage and Divorce ...

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Credit and Divorce

Apr 24, 2009 ... Their divorce decree stated that Bill would pay the balances on their three joint credit card accounts. Months later, after Bill neglected ...

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Marriage and Divorce

Healthy marriages are good for couples' mental and physical health as well as for children; however, about 40 to 50 percent of married couples in the United ...

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Children and divorce: Helping kids cope with a breakup ...

Children and divorce — Work with your spouse to ease the adjustment for everyone.

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Divorce Abroad

FEDERAL JURISDICTION: Marriage and divorce generally are considered matters reserved to the states rather than to the federal government. See, Sosna v. ...

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NVSS - Marriages and Divorces

Jump to Change in the Reporting of Marriage and Divorce Statistics‎: The most recent comprehensive analyses of detailed marriage and divorce data are ...

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Divorce - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Divorce (or the dissolution of marriage) is the final termination of a marital union, canceling the legal duties and responsibilities of marriage and ...

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What Is a Divorce?
Tells what divorce is and what kids can do to help themselves, their families, or their friends when divorce happens.

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FASTSTATS - Marriage and Divorce
by A Use

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Dealing With Divorce
If you're dealing with your parents' divorce, it may seem hard, but it is possible to cope and have a good family life in spite of the changes divorce can ...

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New York divorce law - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
On August 15, 2010, Governor David Paterson signed no fault divorce into law in New York state. Until 2010, New York recognized divorces only upon ...

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Helping Your Child Through a Divorce
By minimizing the stress a divorce creates, being patient as everyone adjusts to the new situation, and responding openly and honestly to your kids' ...

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Divorce. Frequently Asked Questions about Divorce in the Foreign Service · Divorce and the Foreign Service · Requirement for Employees to Provide Adequately ...

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Children And Divorce | American Academy of Child & Adolescent ...
One out of every two marriages today ends in divorce and many divorcing families include children. Parents who are getting a divorce are frequently worried ...

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Category:Divorce - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The main article for this category is divorce. ... Pages in category "Divorce". The following 69 pages are in this category, out of 69 total. ...

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Marriage, Divorce & Name Changes
this web page describes what you need to do if you get married, divorce, or change your name.

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