What is leptin?

Leptin (Greek leptos meaning thin) is a 16 kDa protein hormone that plays a key role in regulating energy intake and energy expenditure, including appetite ...

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High Leptin Levels May Protect Against Dementia

by P Anderson - 2009

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Leptin to Treat Lipodystrophy - Full Text View - ClinicalTrials.gov

Oct 27, 2001 ... This study will evaluate the safety and effectiveness of leptin replacement therapy in patients with lipodystrophy (also called lipoatrophy) ...

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Fructose Leads to Leptin Resistance and Obesity | Brain Blogger

Jan 14, 2009 ... Obesity is on the rise worldwide, and poor diet and lack of regular physical activity are often cited as culprits.

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Leptin Inhibits Seizures; Study May Lead to New Treatments for ...

Mar 13, 2008 ... A new study shows that leptin, a hormone normally associated with eating and metabolism, can inhibit seizures in animal models of epilepsy. ...

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Obesity: Reviving the Promise of Leptin

Jan 6, 2009 ... The discovery more than a decade ago of leptin, an appetite-suppressing hormone secreted by fat tissue, generated headlines and great hopes ...


Leptin definition - Medical Dictionary definitions of popular ...
Mar 15, 2011 ... Leptin: A hormone that has a central role in fat metabolism. ... All injected themselves daily with leptin or, as a control, with saline ...

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Leptin Hormone & Supplements: Do They Work for Obesity & Weight Loss?
WebMD explains what the leptin hormone is, how it affects weight, and whether leptin supplements are safe or effective.

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The hormone leptin, produced by adipocytes (fat cells), was discovered about three years ago in mice. Subsequently the human Ob gene was mapped to ...

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HHMI Bulletin: Leptin's Legacy
Today, studying leptin's role in metabolism while continuing to explore its therapeutic possibilities, Friedman and others are beginning to piece together ...

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The role of leptin and ghrelin in the regulation of food intake ...
by MD Klok - 2007 - Cited by 116 - Related articles

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Recombinant Leptin for Weight Loss in Obese and Lean Adults ...
by SB Heymsfield - 1999 - Cited by 748 - Related articles

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Fructose-induced leptin resistance exacerbates weight gain in ...
by A Shapiro - 2008 - Cited by 41 - Related articles

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HHMI News: Chipping Away at Leptin's Effects
Apr 15, 2000 ... “We were able to find at least half a dozen distinct clusters of genes that were specifically regulated by leptin and that were not ...

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Congenital leptin deficiency is associated with severe early-onset ...
by CT Montague - 1997 - Cited by 1689 - Related articles

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Leptin receptor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Leptin receptor also known as LEP-R is a protein that in humans is encoded by the LEPR gene. LEP-R functions as a receptor for the fat cell-specific hormone ...

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