What is rhinophyma?

Rhinophyma was once thought to be caused by heavy alcohol consumption, but this is not the case. Rhinophyma occurs equally in those who do not drink at all and those who drink large quantities of alcohol. The condition is much more common in men than in women.

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Rhinophyma is a large, bulb-shaped, red-colored (ruddy) nose.

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Rhinophyma - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Rhinophyma is a descriptive term for a large, bulbous, ruddy appearance of the nose caused by granulomatous infiltration, commonly due to untreated rosacea. ...

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Rhinophyma definition - Medical Dictionary definitions of popular ...

Mar 18, 2011 ... Rhinophyma: Pronounced (ryno-fee-ma), a bulbous enlarged red nose and puffy cheeks (like those of the old comedian W.C. Fields). ...

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Suture for a Living: Acne Hypertrophica or Rhinophyma

Nov 30, 2009 ... Today we tend to call this problem rhinophyma which is a descriptive term derived from the Greek "rhis" meaning nose and "phyma" meaning ...

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rhinophyma - definition of rhinophyma in the Medical dictionary ...

rhinophyma /rhi·no·phy·ma/ (-fi´mah) a form of rosacea marked by redness, sebaceous hyperplasia, and nodular swelling and congestion of the skin of the nose ...

Rosacea and Rhinophyma

by SA Cairns - 2007 - Cited by 1 - Related articles

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DermAtlas: Online Dermatology Image Library dermatology image ...

Jan 10, 2011 ... Diagnosis: RHINOPHYMA / ACNE ROSACEA, Category: adnexal disorder. Body Site: nose / face, Age: 67 years. Contributor: Eric Ehrsam, MD ...

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Rhinophyma Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatments and Causes ...

Jan 26, 2011 ... Rhinophyma information including symptoms, diagnosis, misdiagnosis, treatment, causes, patient stories, videos, forums, prevention, ...

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Rhinophyma (acne rosacea) nasal deformity reconstruction Bermant ...

Jan 1, 2011 ... Rhinophyma (acne rosacea) a desease that can badly deform the nose can be treated by plastic surgery - Dr. Michael Bermant.


Exams and Tests
Rhinophyma may usually be diagnosed without any testing. A skin biopsy may be needed to confirm the diagnosis in unusual cases.

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Medical advice
Call for an appointment with your health care provider if you have symptoms of rhinophyma and would like to discuss treatment.

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Outlook (Prognosis)
Rhinophyma can be corrected with surgery, but the condition may return.

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Possible Complications
The change in appearance can cause emotional distress.

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Symptoms involve an abnormal appearance of the nose:Bulb-like (bulbous) shape; Many oil glands; May be reddish; Thickening of the skin; Waxy, yellow surface

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Surgery to reshape the nose is the best known treatment for rhinophyma. Surgery may be done with a laser, scalpel, or a rotating brush (dermabrasion). There have been reports of good results from using certain acne medications.

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